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Sunday, March 2, 2014

One, two, three, jump!

Discovery of the Day: I may be taking more with me to Morocco than I think... 

Fact or Fiction? 
What will Casablanca be like? I am not expecting a beautiful city by any means. It isn't very old so I do not think that it will have the mystery and what I imagine is the glamour of Marakesh or Fex. I think that the traffic will be bad and the food will be good. I am sort of hoping for some open air markets but since a trip to the Morocco mall has been planned I guess that image may never really happen. So many people have mentioned harassment from men that I am a little scared. I hope I can handle it. I am sitting in the guest room of my mother's house surrounded by my things and I can't help but feel a little sick to my stomach. There is just so much unknown.. Will I like the city, the school, my apartment, my fellow teachers? Have I made the right choice. Everyone probably feels this way before starting a new job. Perhaps my situation and feelings are commonplace just exaggerated by the fact that I am yet again moving to a country where I speak none of the language. 

I have just drawn in a breath before jumping and so my whole life right now seems to be that tense anticipation. Waiting to step off the ledge, again. The closer to leaving the more frantic my to do list becomes. It is as if I believe that if I am ostentatiously busy every moment of every day up until the second I leave that then I will of course be completely prepared for whatever eventualities come my way in Morocco. Being prepared of course implies that my time in Morocco will be without incident (raise your hand if you think that is going to happen!) Honestly, I am probably running around like this to distract myself from the fact that I am moving to Africa to a city and a country that I have never been to before... That reminds me I wated to make sure to pack antibacterial hand wipes... 

I know that I because I have made this choice my life will forever be divided in some ways into "Before Morocco" and "After Morocco". It should and I am looking forward to that. Every country that I have lived in has led me to some deeper truths about myself and I wonder what Morocco will reveal. Places live in us in just as powerful a way as we live in them. 

It is hard to get a handle on how I feel. I am excited which leads to wondering what my apartment will be like which makes me wonder if my shipment from Germany arrived there yet (I hope so!) which makes me nervous which makes me think about 15 more things that I want to make sure get done in the States before I go which leads me to the to do list again and going off on endless round of errands...

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